"Abortion for Babies with Fatal Diagnoses"

"Abortion is the compassionate solution when the baby is diagnosed with a terminal illness inside the womb, and mothers should have the right to make that choice for their child." This argument is used in cases of preborn children diagnosed with life-ending illnesses.

Is abortion, however, really compassionate?

Neonatologist Dr. Kendra Kolb explains what abortion does to preborn children and how we can best honor and support these young patients.

4:47 mins

Lesson Points

  • Abortion is not the only option when a child is diagnosed with a serious or lethal medical condition
  • Some babies are misdiagnosed, or the diagnosis is not clear, which means some parents abort a child who is actually healthy
  • Even babies who do have medical conditions are still humans who deserve respect and compassion
  • Instead of using abortion, we should be focusing on neonatal palliative care, which truly empowers and educates women to honor life compassionately
  • All babies deserve to be born and shown compassion, even through the dying process
  • A society’s morality and ethics is only as strong as its treatment of its sickest, smallest, and most vulnerable members.

Ways to Take Action

a) Find three examples on Live Action News of children who have received lethal diagnosis and inspired their families.
b) Do you know someone with special needs? Go spend time with him or her. Bring a meal to their caregiver.

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